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Music mix "listing" for 1999 and more:

01-kiss me - six pence none the richer
02-torn - nathalie imbroglia
03-inside out - eve 6

04-lullaby - shawn mullins
05-shimmer - shawn mullins
06-what it's like - everlast
07-in my sleep - semisonic
08-i believe - k's choice
09-the nookie - limp bizkit
10-heavy - collective soul
11-lit up - buck cherry
12-everyday is a winding road - sheryl crow
13-praise you - fatboy slim
14-you get what you give(edit) - new radicals
15-at the stars - better than ezra
16-6 underground - sneaker pimps (1996)
17-keep a lid on things - crash test dummies
18-bawitdaba - kid rock
19-the distance - cake
20-big night out - fun lovin' criminals
21-thank you - alanis morissette
22-ana's song - sylver chair
23-save it for later- harvey danger
24-that song - big wreck
25-she's so high - tal bachman
26- if you can't say no - lenny kravitz

Playing time: 1h40m54s

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