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Music mix "listing" for 2007-2008 and more

01-they say - scars on broadway
02-help i'm alive - metric
03-crawl(edit) - kings of leon
04-paper planes(edit) - M.I.A.
05-diamonds & guns - transplants
06-no sex for ben - rapture
07-snow in california - stills

08-i'm not over - carolina liar
09-shut up and drive(edit) - rhianna

10-trouble maker - weezer
11-don't matter(edit) - akon
12-piece of me(edit) - britney spears
13-time to pretend(edit) - MGMT
14-harder...(edit) - daft punk
15-being here - stills
16-sometime around midnight - airborne toxic event
17-sex on fire - kings of leon
18-new wave - against me!
19-lightning blue eyes(edit) - secret machines
20-the killer - mobile
21-shadow of the day - linking park
22-i will possess your heart - death cab for cutie
23-time won't let me go - bravery
25-bleeding love - leona lewis
26-1234 - feist
27-what goes around...(edit) - justin timberlake
28-old enough - raconteurs
29-gone gone gone(edit) - robert plant
30-are you ready(for summer) - dcmix

31-all summer long(edit) - kid rock
32-big jack - acdc
33-nine lives - def leppard
34-joker & the thief(edit) - wolf mother
35-idle hands - gutter twins
36-ricochet - shiny toy guns
37-i kissed a girl - katy perry
38-addicted - saving abel
39-apologise - timbaland

Playing time: 2h18m46s

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