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Music mix "listing" for 2002 and more:

01-the way you dream - one giant leap
02-here nor there - andy stochansky
03-the middle - jimmy eat world
04-blurry - puddle of mudd

05-red rover - big sugar
06-hate to say i told you so - the hives
07-god gave me - mick jagger
08-the crystal lake - granddaddy
09-my Culture - one giant leap
10-crystal - new order
11-breeze - stereo mc's
12-take a message - remy shand
13-in this life - chantal kreviazuk
14-electrical storm - u2
15-hemorrhage - fuel
16-caught by the river - doves
17-sister surround - soundtrack of our lives
18-don't stop - rolling stones
19-anyway the main thing is - patty larkin
20-1000miles - vanessa carlton
21-spinning - zero 7

Playing time: 1h35m08s

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