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Music mix "listing" for 1977 and more:

01-Easy - Commodores
02-Baby come back - Players
03-Hotel California - Eagles
04-Couldn't get it right - Climax blues band
05-Martian boogie - Browsville station
06-Black betty - Ram jam

07-Red hot - Robert Gordon
08-Africanism (Gimme some loving) - Kongas
09-Magic bird of fire - Salsoul orchestra
10-Bohannon's disco symphony - Bohannon
11-Sweet dynamite - Claudja Barry
12-Walk this way - Aerosmith
13-Baracuda - Heart
14-Lido schuffle - Boz scaggs
15-Long time - Boston
16-Christeen sixteen - Kiss
17-Jet airliner - Steve Miller
18-I feel love - Donna Summer
19-From here to eternity - Giorgio Moroder
20-Get on the funk train - Munich machine
21-Devil's gun - C.J and co.
22-Boogie night - Heatwave
23-Dreams - Fleetwood mac

Playing time: 1h35m18s

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