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Music mix "listing" for 1974 and more:

01-tubular bells - mike oldfield

02-bloody well right - supertramp
03-piano man - billy joel
04-i've been searching so long - chicago
05-can't get enough - bad company
06-takin' care of business - b.t.o.
07-locomotion - grand funk
08-some kind of wonderful - grand funk
09-king of the party - brownsville station
10-rock and roll hoochie koo - rick derringer
11-sweet home alabama - lynyrd skynyrd
12-people gotta move - gino vanelli
13-you haven't done nothing - stevie wonder
14-pick up the pieces - a.w.b.
15-tsop - mfsb
16-can't get enough of your love - barry white
17-you ain't seen nothing yet - b.t.o.
18-if you wanna get to heaven - o.m.daredevils
19-dreamer - supertramp
20-black water - doobie brothers
21-dyer maker - led zepplin
21-be thankfull for what you got - william de vaughn
22-for the love of money - ojay's
23-don't let the sun go down on me - elton john
24-the air that i breathe - hollies

Playing time: 1h40m09s

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