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Music mix "listing" for 1976 and more:

01-So into you - Atlanta rhythm section
02-You + me - Undisputed truth

03-Slowdown - John Miles
04-Crazy on you - Heart
05-Rhiannon - Fleetwood mac
06-Blinded by the light - Manfred mann
07-Fly like an eagle - Steve Miller band
08-More than a feeling - Boston
09-Play that funky music - Wild cherry
10-I don't want to loose your love - Emotions
11-Tonight's the night - Rod Stewart
12-Breakdown - Tom Petty
13-Hot stuff - Rolling Stones
14-I wish - Stevie Wonder
15-Rock'n me - Steve Miller band
16-Dream on - Aerosmith
17-Love is alive - Gary Wright
18-Dazz - Brick
19-That's where the happy people go - Tramps
20-Run to me - Candy Staton
21-Young hearts run free - Candy Staton
22-You'll never find... - Lou Rawls
23-I'll be good to you - Brothers Johnson

Playing time: 1h38m15s

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