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Music mix "listing" for 1969 and more:

01-crimson and clover - tommy james
02-come together - beatles
03-i want you - beatles
04-dazed and confused (edit) - ledzepplin
05-green river - ccr
06-gimme, gimme good loving - crazy elephant
07-spinning wheel - blood, sweat and tears

08-aquarius - 5th dimension
09-stand - sly stone
10-stoned woman (edit) - ten years after
11-get back - beatles
12-evil ways - santana
13-pinball wizard - who
14-time of the season - zombies
15-dizzy - tommy roe
16-crystal blue persuasion - tommy james
17-you make me so very happy - blood, sweat and tears
18-suspicious mind - elvis presley
19-you can't always get what...- rolling stones
20-space oddity - david bowie
21-bad moon rising - ccr
22-it's your thing - isley brothers
23-come and get it - badfinger
24-the end - beatles
25-oh, darling - beatles
26-honky tonk woman - rolling stones
26-gimme shelter - rolling stones
27-communication breakdown -ledzepplin

Playing time: 1h36m50s

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