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Music mix "listing" for 1978 and more:

01-I just wanna stop - Gino Vanelli
02-Strange way - Fire fall
03-September - E.W.F.

04-Hot blooded - Foreigner
05-Just what i needed - The Cars
06-Pump it up - Elvis Costello
07-Move it on over - G. Thorogood
08-You really rock me - Van halen
09-Ain't talking 'bout love - Van halen
10-Take me to the river - Talking heads
11-N.Y. groove - Ace Freely
12-Galaxy - War
13-Let's start the dance - Bohannon
14-The groove line - Heatwave
15-Look at her - Barry White
16-The robots - Kraftwerk
17-On the road again - Rockets
18-Equinox - J.M. Jarre
19-Lively up yourself - Bob Marley
20-Shattered - The Rolling stones
21-Who are you - The Who
22-Roller - April wine
23-Follow you follow me - Genesis
24-Hyper gamma spaces - Alan Parson's project

Playing time: 1h39m12s

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