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Music mix "listing" for 1972 and more:

01-me and mrs. jones - billy paul
02-summer breeze - seals and crofts
03-jungle fever - chakakas
04-superstition - stevie wonder
05-jean jeanie - david bowie
06-bang a gong - t.rex
07-papa was a rolling stone - temtations

08-do it again - steely dan
09-super fly - curtis mayfield
10-listen to the music - doobie brothers
11-rockin' pneumonia - johnny rivers
12-black and white - 3 dog night
13-hold your head up - argent
14-roundabout - yes
15-school's out - alice cooper
16-rock and roll - led zepplin
17-hi,hi,hi - wings
18-go all the way - rasberries
19-your mama won't dance - loggins and messina
20-i'll take you there - staple singers
21-you're so vain - carly simon
21-horse with no name - america
22-saturday in the park - chicago
23-it never rains in california - albert hammond
24-the guitar man - bread
25-the wizard - uriah heep

Playing time: 1h38m29s

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