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Music mix "listing" for 1998 and more:

01-substitute for love - madonna
02-high roller - crystal method
03-going out of my head - fatboy slim
04-fly away - lenny kravitz

05-save tonight - eagle-eye cherry
06-little bones - tragically hip
07-london rain - heather nova
08-lucky man - the verve
09-novacaine for the soul - eels
10-everywhere - bran van 3000
11-peaches (1995) - presidents of the united states of america
12-hey man nice shot (1995) - filter (crystal method remix)
13-trip like i do - crystal method, filter (remix)
14-comin' back - crystal method
15-power of good-bye - madonna
16-swim - madonna
17-life is a stereo - watchmen
18-push it - garbage
19-rockafella - fatboy slim
20-du hast - rammstein
21-celebrity skin - hole
22-hey now now - swirl 360
23-closing time - semisonic

Playing time: 1h36m54s

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