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Music mix "listing" for 1979 and more:

01-goodbye blue sky - pink floyd
02-take the long way home - supertramp
03-angelz gate - manfred mann
04-spirit of radio - rush
05-so lonely - police
06-heartbreaker - pat benatar
07-are friends electric - gary newman
08-dreams of wire - robert palmer
09-run like hell - pink floyd
10-i like to rock - april wine
11-london calling - the clash

12-lucky number - lene lovich
13-knock on wood - amie stewart
14-dancing fool - frank zappa
15-highway to hell - ac dc
16-i was made for loving you - kiss
17-trash - cowbow international
18-let's go - the cars
19-driver's seat - sniff'n the tears
20-straight line - new musik
21-sultans of swing - dire straits
22-what i like about you - the romantics
23-i'm the man - joe jackson
24-bring on the night - police
25-total control - the motels

Playing time: 1h44m26s

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