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Music mix "listing" for 2005-2006 and more:

01-the gate(edit) - sam roberts
02-knights of cydonia(edit) - muse
03-Living Things - Bom, bom, bom
04-all because of you - U2
05-kerosene - miranda lambert
06-steady as she goes - raconteurs
07-wicked soul - kubb
08-happy ever after - ian brown
09-king of the mountain - kate bush
10-ordinary - train
11-chasing cars - snow patrol
12-easy - barenaked ladies
13-speed of sound - coldpaly
14-your ex-lover is dead - stars
15-i don't feel like dancing - scissor sisters
16-supermassive black hole - muse
17-no heaven - champion

18-keep on ridin' - champion
19-dirty little thing - velvet revolver
20-boulevard of broken dream - green day
21-american idiot(edit) - green day
22-goodbye - army of anyone
23-when you were young - the killers
24-is it any wonder - keane
25-keep it til you fold - living things
26-hand that feeds(edit) - nine inch nails
27-dakota(edit) - stereophonics
28-sparkle - rubyhorse
29-in a state(edit) - unkle
30-collide - howie day
31-going home - sophie zelmani
32-lost in translation - air

Playing time: 2h01m55s

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