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Music mix "listing" for 1980 and more:

01-i don't like mondays - boomtown rats
02-a forest - the cure
03-echo beach - martha & the muffins
04-subway - urban verbs

05-i will follow - u2
06-rock and roll radio - ramones
07-dirty water - inmates
08-broken english - marianne faithful
09-MONTAGE, PUNK 1980-dcmix

(including excerpts from):
-rock lobster-b52's
-planet claire-b52's
-i gotcha-joe tex
-sex machine-james brown
-star wars-meco
-heartbreaker-pat benatar
-i`m the man-joe jackson
-you really rock me-nick gilder
-the break-kat mandu
-see you later aligator-bill haley
-got got money-five letters
10-african reggea - nina hagen
11-you shook me all nite long - acdc
12-a certain girl - warren zevon
13-i got you - splitenz
14-refugee - tom petty
15-once in a life time - talking heads
16-cheap sunglasses - zz top
17-everybody's got to learn sometime - korgis
18-sailing - c.cross
19-skateway - dire straits
20-breakdown dead ahead - boz scaggs
21-i came for you - manfred mann
22-on the rebound - russ ballard
23-all her broke loose - stanley clarke

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