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Music mix "listing" for 1982 and more:

01-eyes of a stranger - payolas
02-avalon - roxy music
03-street cafe - icehouse
04-MONTAGE, voyeur-merc man-DCmix 1982
(including excerpt from):
-voyeur - kim carnes
-merc man- kim carnes
05-white wedding - billy idol
06-love my way - psychedelic furs

07-red skies - the fix
08-down by the sea - men at work
09-uncertain smile - the the
10-the one thing - inxs
11-i melt with you - modern english
12-i ran - a flock of seagulls
13-sex i'm a... - berlin
14-mexican radio - wall of voodoo
15-destination unknown - missing persons
16-strange dreams - frank marino
17-eminence front - the who
18-twilight zone - golden earing
19-bang on the drums all day- tod rundgrend
20-think i'm in love - eddie money
21-anxiety - pat benatar
22-you want it you got it - bryan adams

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