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Music mix "listing" for 1988 and more:

01-jimmy's jag - william orbit
02-never tear us apart - inxs
03-oricono flow - enya
04-sacred child(edit) - silencers
05-desire - u2
06-fire woman (1989)- cult
07-rag doll - aerosmith
08-straight up - paula abdul
09-not just another girl - ivan nevil
10-valley road - bruce hornsby
11-bring me some water - melissa etheridge
12-the flame - cheap trick
13-broken land - adventures
14-im nin 'alu - ofra haza
15-the promise - when in rome
16-boom there she was - scritti poli
17-fire and mercy - william orbit
18-beds are burning - midnight oil
19-simply irresistible - rober palmer

20-all she wants is - duran duran
21-take it so hard - keith richards
22-twist in my sobriety - tanita tikaram
23-what i am (nov88)- edie brickell
24-don't worry be happy(edit) - bobby mcferrin

Playing time: 1h38m16s

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