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Music mix "listing" for 1987 and more:

01-here i go again - whitesnake
02-living in a box - living in a box
03-surfing with the aliens - joe satriani
04-she sells sanctuary - the cult
05-love removal machine - the cult
06-dead or alive - bon jovi
07-where the street have no name - u2
08-with or without you - u2
09-tunnel of love - bruce springsteen
10-i see red - silencers
11-painted moon - silencers
12-dude(looks like a lady) - aerosmith
13-midnight blue - lou gram

14-animal - def leppard
15-c'est comme ça - rita mitsouko
16-wild horses - gino vanelli
17-be still my beating heart - sting
18-once upon a long ago - paul mccartney
19-i still haven't found - u2
20-running up that hill(1985) - kate bush
21-never let me down again - depeche mode
22-c'est la vie - robbie nevil
23-love will find a way - yes

Playing time: 1h43m36s

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