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Music mix "listing" for 2000 and more:

01-a.m. radio - everclear
02-ariel vs. lotus - limblifter
03-bohemian like you - dandy warholes
04-stiff upper lip - acdc
05-the other side - red hot chili peppers
06-miserable(edit) - lit
07-everything you want - vertical horizon
08-take a picture - filter
09-i try - macy gray
10-demons(edit) - fatboy slim
11-i see you - groove armada
12-it feels so good - sonique
13-painted on my heart (gone in 60 secs) - the cult
14-optimistic - radiohead

15-chemicals between us - bush
16-guerrilla radio - rage against the machine
17-warning - green day
18-more - j. englishman
19-i'm like a bird - nelly furtado
20-never let you go - 3rd eye blind
21-central reservation - beth orton
22-kryptonite - 3 doors down
23-higher - creed

24-cowboy - kid rock

Playing time: 1h37m09s

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