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Music mix "listing" for 1997 and more:

01-birmingham - amanda marshall
02-automatic - chris whitley
03-a change would do you good - sheryl crow
04-cheapskate - supergrass
05-breathe - prodigy

06-song#2 - blur
07-fire water burn - the bloondhound gang
08-quebecois - polara
09-not an addict - k's choice
10-everlong - foo fighters
11-falling in love - aerosmith
12-4 leaf clover - abra moore
13-semi charmed life - third eye blind
14-fly - sugar ray
15-aerial - chris whitley
16-i found love - kenny wayne shepherd band
17-rasberry - i mother earth
18-a design for life - manic street preachers
19-building a mystery - sarah mclachlan
20-beautiful goodbye - amanda marshall
21-bitter sweet symphony - the verve
22-climbatize - prodigy
23-Tear drop - Massive attack

Playing time: 1h39m44s

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