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Music mix "listing" for 1981 and more:

01-draw of the cards - kim carnes
02-walking in the rain - grace jones

03-invisible sun - the police
04-don't stop believing - journey
05-abacab - genesis
06-action - streetheart
07-urgent - foreiners
08-let's get it up - acdc
09-you better, you bet - the who
10-while you see a chance - steve winwood
11-help me somebody - eno,byrne
12-porcelaine - pretenders
13-the sound of the crowd - human league
14-tom sawyer - rush
15-frame by frame - king crimson
16-the gold bug - alan parson's project
17-dream away - the cars
18-girls nite out - karen lawrence
19-tempted - squeeze
20-tube snake boogie - zztop
21-mercury blues - david lindley
22-careless memories - duran2
23-we stood still - ultra vox

Playing time: 1h41m33s

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