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Music mix "listing" for 1968 and more:

01-hey jude - beatles
02-revolution - beatles
03-magic carpet ride - steppenwolf
04-jumping jack flash - rolling stones
05-crosstown trafic - jimmy hendrix

06-all along the watchtower - jimmy hendrix
07-white room - cream
08-hello i love you - the doors
09-i can see for miles - the who
10-with a little help - joe cocker
11-magical mystery tour - beatles
12-she's a rainbow - rolling stones
13-hurdy gurdy man - donovan
14-the pusher - steppenwolf
15-chest fever-the band
16-suzie q - ccr
17-dance to the music - sly stone
18-mony, mony - tommy james
19-nobody but me - human beinz
20-i got a line on you - spirit
21-birthday - beatles
22-back in ussr - beatles
23-dear prudence - beatles
24-mrs robinson - simon & garfunkel
25-magic bus - the who
26-in a gadda da vida - iron butterfly
27-hush - deep purple
28-fire - arthur brown
29-born to be wild - steppenwolf
30-helter skelter - beatles
31-voodoo child - jimmy hendrix

Playing time: 1h44m47s

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