If you're a commercial radio or television broadcaster paying licence fees for copyrighted reproductions of music, some of the tracks from the DCMIX collection can be available for free! •
Here how it works:
The performing rights organizations collect and pay the creator of music for their works. As a composer, DCMIX (Daniel Coulombe) will get royalties from these organizations (SOCAN) when you broadcast tracks • (themes) from the collection.
The person in charge of the broadcasting (program director) must fill a report describing the exact use of the tracks (themes).
The report is then sent back to DCMIX by fax or email.
A final report is sent to you by regular mail and you just need to sign it and send it back to DCMIX.
Once received by DCMIX, you get the tracks (themes).
The tracks (themes) must be aired for at least one year

•May not be applicable to some locations or markets.

•Available for themes only.

Download, print and complete
this report form:
pdf file (english) or
doc file (english).
then mail or fax it back to DCMIX.


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