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80"s extra mixes

Rock legends mixes

80's best of the rest #1 early 80's
(roots rock, bizarre, new wave, british reggea & more...)

01-in the air tonight-phil collins 1981
02-the roof is leaking-phil collins 1981
03-droned-phil collins 1981
04-you never know-joe walsh 1981
05-from the middle room-tourist 1980
06-heart speaking-manfred mann 1980
07-stranded-manfred mann 1980
08-5 miles out-mike oldfield 1982
09-the sun goes down-thin lizzy 1983
10-when the nightime comes(edit)-war 1983
11-mea culpa-brian eno & david byrn 1981
12-jezebel spirit-brian eno & david byrn 1981
13-thug-zztop 1983
14-frimeur et savoir faire(edit)-savoir-faire 1982
15-jealous dogs-pretendres 1982
16-since you're gone-cars 1981
17-close to me-the cure 1985
18-i scare myself-thomas dolby 1982
19-music non stop(edit)-kraftwek 1987

20-paranomia(edit)-art of noise 1986
21-ghost town-the specials 1981
22-armagideon time-the clash 1980
23-victorious dub-lkj 1980
24-bloodsuckers(dub)-pablogad 1982
25-private life(dub)(edit)-grace jones 1980
26-use me(edit)-grace jones 1981
27-very hungry-brian eno & david byrn 1981
28-moonlight in glory-brian eno & david byrn 1981
29-qu'ran-brian eno & david byrn 1981
30-the carrier-brian eno & david byrn 1981
31-a secret life-brian eno & david byrn 1981
32-come with us-brian eno & david byrn 1981
33-mountain of needles-brian eno & david byrn 1981
34-cloud chamber-david byrne 1981

80's best of the rest#2 early 80's
(roots rock, new wave, reggea & more...)

01-areas-new musik 1981
02-man on cobo bay-walkie talkies 1980
03-lights in the night-flash and the pan 1980
04-jamaica-the spliff 1980
05-could you be loved12"-marley 1980
06-sponji reggea(edit)-black uhuru 1981
07-bed's too big without you-sheila hylton 1981
08-can't take it away-congos 1981
09-spirits in a material world-the police 1981
10-malpasoman-visage 1980
11-visa-age-visage 1980
12-she's got a gun-yello 1981
13-night train(edit)-steve winwood 1981
14-cars-gary newman 1979
15-the jungle-war 1982
16-hell's bells-acdc 1980
17-passion(long version)-rod stewart 1980

18-hi school confidential-rough trade 1980
19-why d'ya do it-marianne faithfull 1979
20-dance this mess around-b52's 1979
21-panorama-the cars 1980
22-spring in fialta(edit)-slow children 1981
23-twilight-u2 1980
24-out of control-u2 1980
25-stand or fall-the fixx 1982
26-don't you forget about me-simple minds 1985
27-promises(edit)-naked eyes 1983
28-king of pain-the police 1983
29-bank robber-clash 1980

80's best of the rest#3 early 80's (soft and hard rock)

01-watching the wheel-john lennon 1980
02-spanish dancer-steve winwood 1981
03-things-joe walsh 1981

04-thunder & lightning-phil collins 1981
05-i don't care anymore-phil collins 1982
06-shakin'-eddie money 1982
07-foolin'-def leppard 1983
08-photograph-def leppard 1983
09-girl on the moon-foreigner 1981
10-where is this love-payolas 1983
11-eyes without a face-billy idol 1983
12-dirty laundry(edit)-don henly 1982
13-i love it loud(edit)-kiss 1982
14-fits ya good-bryan adams 1982
15-panama-van halen 1983
16-on the dark side-eddie and the cruiser 1983
17-rock and roll dj-clarence clemmons 1983
18-ode for a black man-phillip lynott 1980
19-in the dark(edit)-billy squier 1981
20-promises in the dark-pat benatar 1981
21-edge of 17-steve nicks 1981
22-stand back-steve nicks 1983
23-if anyone falls-steve nicks 1983
24-in my world(edit)-moody blues 1981

80's best of the rest#4 (rock, pop, dance)

01-slave(edit)-rolling stones 1981
02-your imagination(12")-hall & oates 1982
03-abracadabra-steve miller 1982
04-in the mood-robert plant 1983
05-sunday bloody sunday(live)-u2 1983
06-Gloria(live)-u2 1983
07-stroke-billy squier 1981
08-all she wants to do is dance-don henley 1985
09-sleeping bag 12"(edit)-zztop 1985
10-perfect way 12"-scritti politi 1985
11-what you need-inxs 1985
12-vicious games-yello 1985
13-oh yeah-yello 1987
14-erotic city 12"(edit)-prince 1984
15-some like it hot(edit)-power station 1985
16-a view to a kill(edit)-duran duran 1985
17-black cars(edit)-gino vanelli 1985
18-les nuits sans kim wilde(edit)-laurent voulzy 1985
19-i wanna be a cowboy(edit)-boys dont cry 1986
20-one thing leads to another(edit)-the fixx 1983
21-who can it be now-men at work 1982
22-be good johnny-men at work 1982
23-wait 12"(edit)-wang chung 1984
24-crokett's theme-jan hammer 1985

80's best of the rest#5 (rock, pop, dance)

01-get my way-sandy stewart 1984
02-slave to love-bryan ferry 1985
03-in your eyes(edit)-peter gabriel 1986
04-nothing can come between us-sade 1988
05-ain't nobody-chaka khan 1984
06-sugar & spice-scritti politti 1988
07-i know there's something going on-frida 1982
08-jack and diane-john cougar 1982
09-life of illusion-joe walsh 1981
10-gemini dreams-moody blues 1981
11-set them free12"(edit)-sting 1985
12-rain in the summertime-alarm 1987
13-hysteria-def leppard 1987
14-strange kind of love-love & money 1989
15-woman in chains-tears for fears 1989
16-live and die in L.A.-wang chung 1985
17-saved by zero-fixx 1983
18-tuff enuff-fabulous thunderbirds 1986
19-sharp dressed man-zztop 1985
20-would i lie to you-eurythmics 1985
21-peace in our time-eddy money 1989

80's best of the rest#6 (rock, pop, dance)

01-sausalito summernight-diesel 1981
02-ah leah-donny iris 1981
03-i want a new drug-huey lewis 1983
04-wot(edit)-captain sensible 1982
05-rock me amadeus(edit)-falco 1985
06-yeh,yeh(edit)-matt bianco 1985
07-the heat is on-glenn frey 1985
08-let it whip(edit)-dazz band 1982
09-let's groove-ewf 1981
10-ya mo be there-james ingram&michael mcdonald 1983
11-pink houses-john mellencamp 1983
12-born in the usa-bruce springsteen 1984
13-america-neil diamond 1981
14-look of love(orchestral)-abc 1982
15-living in america-james brown 1985

16-you spin me round12"(edit)-dead or alive 1985
17-kiss-tom jones & art of noise 1988
18-under the milky way-church 1988
19-luka-suzanne vega 1987
20-somebody-brian adams 1985
21-high on emotion-chris deBurgh 1984
22-johnny B-hooters 1987
23-down under-men at work 1982
24-if a tree fall-bruce cockburn 1989
25-the dead heart-midnight oil 1988
26-this is the sea-waterboys 1985

80's best of the rest#7 (rock, new wave, funky)

01-sister christian-night ranger 1983
02-bad to the bone-george thorogood 1982
03-take me back(edit)-bryan adams 1983
04-sold me down the river-alarm 1989
05-start me up-stones 1981
06-neighbors-stones 1981
07-party mix(edit)-b52's (DCmix)1981

-party out of bound
-private idaho
-give me back my man
08-churches(edit)-new musik 1981
09-blue monday12"(edit)-new order 1983
10-traffic-bernard blavilliers 1980
11-enolaguay-omd 1980
12-back on the chain-pretenders 1983
13-devil inside-inxs 1987
14-paper in fire-john cougar mellencamp 1987
15-MONTAGE, exciting rock-DCmix 1989

(including excerpts from):
-simply irresistible-robert palmer
-you really got me-kinks
-fire-jimmy hendrix
-i can't get no satisfaction-rolling stones
-china grove-doobie brothers
-day tripper-beatles
-long cool woman -hollies
-missipi queen-mountain
-25 or 64-chicago
16-the message(edit)-grand master flash 1982
17-cargo de nuit-axel bauer 1982
18-i want your sex-george michael 1987
19-sunset grill-don henley 1984
20-moments in love(edit)-aon 1983

80's happy and kitchy (funky, pop, rock, dance...)

01-dance on the groove(edit)-love international 1981
02-i can do anything(edit)-monks 1981
03-pop goes the world-men without hats 1987
04-da,da,da(edit)-trio 1982
05-white horse(edit)-laidback 1984
06-situation(12")(edit)-yazoo 1982
07-give it to me-rick james 1981

08-power of love-huey lewis and the news 1985
09-whatcha gonna do-chilliwack 1982
10-don't forget me-glass tiger 1986
11-diana-bryan adams 1984
12-the look-roxette 1988
13-wicked game-chris isaak 1989
14-ebony & ivory-stevie wonder & paul mccartney
15-all nite long-lionel ritchie 1983
16-rhythm of the jungle(edit)-the quick 1982
17-let the music play(edit)-shannon 1983
18-thieves like us(edit)-new order 1984
19-loverboy-billy ocean 1984
20-try jah love(edit)-third world 1982
21-let's dance(edit)-david bowie 1983
22-heart of rock and roll-huey lewis and the news 1984
23-trouble-lindsay buckingham 1981
24-gipsy-fleetwood mac 1983
24-everytime you go away-paul young 1984
25-holding back the years-simply red 1986
26-hang on to your love-sade 1985
27-that girl-stevie wonder 1982

80's new wave 1

01-the day my baby gave me a surprise-devo 1978
02-soviet jewellery-bb gabor 1980
03-mirror in the bathroom-english beat 1980
04-generals and majors-xtc 1980
05-open your heart(edit)-human league 1982

06-seconds(edit)-human league 1982
07-#1song in heaven(edit)-sparks 1979
08-europa and the pirate twins-thomas dolby 1982
09-electric motors-patrick D. martin 1981
10-MONTAGE, future mix-DCmix 1981

(including excerpts from):
-we got the beat-go go's
-freedom of choice-devo
-i die, you die-gary newman
-my car-jamie sheriff
-nervous breakdown-brian briggs
-shark attack-splitenz
-this song-polyrock
-going out of my head-brian briggs
-dancing with myself-billy idol
11-MONTAGE, hands up! (police mix)-DCmix 1981

(including excerpts from):
-don't stand so close to me-police
-do do do da da da-police
-message in a bottle-police
-regatta de blanc-police
-driven to tears-police
-it's allright for you-police
12-reasons to be cheerful part 3(edit)-ian dury 1979
13-perfect day (version#2)(edit)-the the 1983
14-fade to grey-visage 1980
15-you are in my vision-gary newman 1979
16-crosseyed & painless-talking heads 1980
17-radio(edit)-members 1982

18-i could be happy(edit)-altered images 1981
19-53 miles west of venus(edit)-b52s 1980
20-windpower-thomas dolby 1982
21-a privale view(edit)-bill nelson 1982
22-mad world-tears for fears 1982
23-lined up-shriekback 1983

24-politics of dancing(edit)-reflex 1983
25-clampdown-clash 1979
26-public image-p.i.l. 1978

27-precious-pretenders 1979

80's new wave 2

28-MONTAGE, fuck off-DCmix 1980
(including excerpt from):
-one of the lads-4be2
29-10:15 on a saturday night- the cure 1979
30-mind-talking heads 1979
31-home-lene lovich 1979
32-mental hopscotch-missing persons 1982

33-turning japanese-vapors 1980
34-see those eyes-altered images 1982

35-hard times (edit)-human league 1981
36-metal-gary newman 1980
37-to look at you-inxs 1982
38-the voice-ultravox 1982
39-always something there (edit)-naked eyes 1983
40-MONTAGE, dig mix-DCmix 1980

(including excerpts from):
-i dig you-cult hero
-long cool woman-the hollies
-i can't get no satisfaction-rolling stones
-day tripper-beatles
41-one step beyond-madness 1980
42-rock the casbah(12")(edit)-clash 1982
43-life during wartime-talking heads 1979
44-memories can't wait-talking heads 1979
45-cashflow- leisure process (edit)1982
46-new toy-lene lovich 1981
47-in a big country(edit)-big country 1983

48-auf der flutch-falco 1982
49-she blinded me with science-thomas dolby 1982
50-why me(edit)-planetP 1983
51-catch me i'm falling (edit)-real life 1983
52-carving knife-new musik 1981
53-go(edit)-tones on tail 1983
54-infected-the the 1986
55-this fear of gods(edit)-simple minds 1980
56-world in collision(edit)-jerry harrisson 1981
57-regiment-brian eno & david byrne 1981