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70's gold mix, 20:11mins

01-behind blue eyes-the who
02-i'd love to change the world-10 years after
03-american woman-guess who
04-fame-david bowie
05-magic man-heart
06-radar love-golden earring

07-l.a. woman-doors
08-bloody well right-supertramp

70's good ride mix 19:45min

01-life's been good-joe walsh
02-the end-beatles
03-slow ride-foghat
04-love is the drug-roxy music
05-brown sugar-stones
06-i thank you-zztop
07-rocking me-steve miller band
08-alright now-free
09-after midnight-eric clapton

70's hoochie koo mix, 20:06mins

01-just got paid-zztop
02-rock&roll hoochie koo-rick derringer
03-sweet home alabama-lynyrd skynyrd

04-take the money and run-steve miller band
05-foxey lady-jimmy hendrix
06-whole lotta love-led zepplin
07-black magic woman-santana
08-oye como va-santana
09-25 or 64-chicago

70's old school mix, 20:06mins

01-some kind of wonderful-grand funk
02-roadhouse blues-doors
03-jean genie-david bowie
04-bang a gong-t.rex
05-school's out-alice cooper
06-smoking in the boy's room-brownsville station
07-rock and roll-gary glitter
08-reeling in the years-steely dan

10-la grange-zztop

70's trip mix, 19:35mins

01-jungle love-steve miller band
02-roll on down the highway-bto
03-free ride-edgar winter group
04-layla-eric clapton
05-rebel,rebel-david bowie
06-instant karma-john lennon
07-can't get enough-bad company
08-spirits in the sky-norman greenbaum

90's+ across the ages mix 20:17mins

01-time stand still-rush
02-everlong-foo fighter
03-blink182-what's my age again
04-life is a stereo-watchmen
05-no more tears-ozzy
06-gone Away-offspring
07-smells like teen spirit-nirvana
09-are you gonna go my way-lenny kravitz

90's come back mix, 20:10mins

01-lighting crashes-live
02-ironic-alanys morissette

03-under the bridge-red hot chili peppers
04-high and dry-radio head
05-are you gonna go my way-lenny kravitz
06-down on me-jackyll
07-black hole sun-sound garden
08-even flow-pearl jam
09-mysterious ways-u2

90's+ edge mix, 20:25mins

01-blurry-puddle of mud
02-piece of pie-stone temple pilot
03-living on the edge-aerosmith
04-my sacrifice-creed
05-the world i know-collective soul

08-live and let die-guns n' roses
09-peter gun(live)-emerson lake and palmer

90's folk rock mix 20:05mins

01-oasis-champagne super nova
02-tea party-the messenger
04-sugar ray-fly
06-tonic-if you could only see
07-pearl jam-daughter
08-filter-take a picture
09-blind melon-no rain

90's forever mix, 20:00mins

01-hand in my pocket-alanis morisset
02-creep-radio head
04-sad but true-metallica
05-give it away-red hot chili peppers
06-scooby snacks-fun lovin' criminals
07-hey man nice shot-filter
08-my hero-foo fighter

90's generation x mix, 19:25mins

01-better man-pearl jam
02-1979-smashing pumpkins
03-gel-collective soul
04-sister havana-urge overkill
05-church of logic sin and love-the men
06-fell on black days-sound garden
07-every generation got its own disease-fury in the slaughter house
08-vaseline-stone temple pilot

90's+ gone away mix, 20:30mins

01-silent lucidity-queen's ryche
02-ordinary world-duran duran
03-seeds of love-tears for fears
04-i am the walrus-beatles
05-all that i know-screaming trees
06-boulevard of broken dreams-green day
08-in the mean time-spacehog
09-closing time-semisonic

90's no regrets mix, 19:27mins

01-sex and candy-marcy playground
02-everlong-foo fighter
03-santa monica-everclear
04-come as you are-nirvana
05-spoon man-soundgarden
06-when i come around-green day
07-good, better than ezra
08-sex type thing-stone temple pilot
09-no regrets-tom cochrane

90's roller coaster mix, 21:03mins

01-stupid girl-garbage
02-you ought to know-alanis morisset
03-popular-nada surf
04-i will-expanding man
05-love roller coaster-red hot chili peppers
06-killing in the name of-rage against the machine
07-machine head-bush
08-bawitdaba-kid rock
09-the distance-cake

90's sweet misery mix

01-you learn-alanis morisset
02-red hot chili peppers-my friends
03-flood-jars of clay
04-naked-goo goo dolls
05-only happy when it rains-garbage
06-du hast-rammstein
07-enter sandman-metallica
08-lit up-buck cherry
10-mary jane's last dance-tom petty

acdc mix, 22:15mins

01-rock and roll ain't noise pollution
02-back in black
03-let's get it up

04-hell's bells
05-highway to hell
06-hard as a rock
07-stiff up a lip
08-you shook me all night long
09-shoot to thrill
11-big jack
12-rock 'n' roll train

aerosmith mix, 19:00mins

01-dream on
02-sweet emotion
03-walk this way
04-love in an elevator
05-rag doll
06-dude just like a lady
07-janie's got a gun
08-living on the edge

beatles mix, 20:00mins

01-i want to hold your hand
02-day tripper
03-eleanor rigby
04-tomorrow never knows
06-paperback writer
07-a day in a life
08-sgt. pepper's lonely hearts club band
09-lucy in the sky
10-the magical mystery tour
11-while my guitar gently weeps
12-get back

13-the end

billy idol mix 20:47min

01-to be a lover
02-dancing with myself
03-eyes without a face
04-flesh for fantasy
05-hot in the city
06-catch my fall
07-i don't need a gun
08-white wedding
09-rebel yell

bon jovi mix, 19:06mins

01-when we were beautiful
03-you give love a bad name
04-living on a prayer
05-bad medecine
06-wanted dead or alive
07-blaze of glory
08-keep the faith
09-it's my life
10-have a nice day

bryan adams mix, 20:38mins

01-18 til i die
02-the kids wanna rock
03-you want it you got it
04-summer of 69
05-cuts like a knife
07-it's only love (+tina turner)
09-fits ya good
10-this time
11-run to you A
12-one night love affair
13-run to you B

ccr mix, 20:12mins

01-run through the jungle
02-born on the bayou
03-suzie q
04-fortunate son
05-up around the bend
06-green river
07-sweet hitch hiker
08-traveling band
09-bad moon rising

collective soul mix, 19:33mins

03-the world i know
04-where the river flows
05-counting the days
08-precious declaration

david bowie mix 20:18mins

01-space oddity
03-golden years
04-suffragette city
05-jean genie
06-rebel rebel
08-ashes to ashes
09-cat people
10-let's dance
11-china girl
12-this is not america

depeche mode mix 21:09mins

01-i feel you
02-personal jesus
03-it's no good
04-never let me down again
05-policy of truth
06-strange love
07-people are people
08-world in my eyes
09-enjoy the silence
10-route 66

deep purple mix, 21:36mins

02-living wreck
04-smoke on the water
05-woman from tokyo
06-space trucking
07-speed king

08-highway star
09-child in time
10-perfect stranger

def leppard mix, 20:19mins

01-pour some sugar on me (dc's coffee mix)
02-rock of ages
05-love bites
09-nine lives

doors mix, 20:25mins

01-the end
02-riders on the storm
03-hello i love you
04-light my fire
05-L.A. woman

06-break on through
07-love me 2 times
08-roadhouse blues
09-when the music's over

eagles featuring don henley 20:35mins

01-best of my love
02-witchy woman
03-one of these nights
04-hotel california
05-heartache tonight
06-life in the fast lane
07-the long run
08-dirty laundry
09-all she wants to do is dance
10-boys of summer

elton john mix 19:50mins

01-rocket man
02-don't let the sun go down on me
03-benny and the jets
04-the bitch is back
05-saturday night's allright
06-pinball wizard
07-crocodile rock
08-island girl
09-i'm still standing

eternal rock mix, 21:04mins

01-rock and roll all night-kiss
02-working for the weekend-loverboy
03-don't fear the reaper-blue oyster cult
04-run to you-bryan adams
05-photograph-def leppard
06-rock you like a hurricane-scorpions

07-living after midnight-judas priest
08-my sharona-knack
09-jumping jack flash-rolling stones

exciting rock mix, 20:22mins

01-exciting rock-dcmix
(including excerpts from):
-simply irresistible-robert palmer
-you really got me-kinks
-fire-jimmy hendrix
-i can't get no satisfaction-rolling stones
-china grove-doobie brothers
-day tripper-beatles
-long cool woman -hollies
-missipi queen-mountain
-25 or 64-chicago
02-born to be wild-steppenwolf

03-roll on down the highway-b.t.o.
04-rocky mountain way-joe walsh
05-bad to the bone-george thorogood
06-hot legs-rod stewart
08-jane-jefferson airplane

foreigner mix, 20:48mins

01-i"ve been waiting for a girl like you(acap)
02-it feels like the 1st time
03-hot blooded
04-double vision
05-dirty white boy
06-juke box hero
07-cold as ice
09-midnight blue(lou gramm)
10-that was yesterday
11-i want to know what love is(acap)

genesis mix, 20:27mins

01-the carpet crawler (remix 1999)
02-i know what i like
03-follow you follow me
04-turn it on again
07-tonight, tonight, tonight
08-land of confusion
09-i can't dance

getaway mix, 20:03mins

01-flock of seaguls-i ran
02-beatles-back in ussr
03-lenny kravitz-fly away
04-red hot chili peppers-give it away
05-steve miller band-fly like an eagle
06-boston-more than a feeling
07-tom cochrane-life is a highway

08-spin doctors-two princes
09-collective soul-heavy

god's devil ride mix, 19:06mins

01-montage:(whole lotta sabbath by wax audio)
02-frankenstein-edgar winter group
03-hokus pokus-focus
04-jesus is just alright-doobie brothers
05-bad side of the moon-april wine
06-celebrate-rare earth
07-magic carpet ride-steppenwolf
08-sympathy for the devil-rolling stones

guns and roses mix, 20:30mins

01-november rain

02-live and let die
03-night train
04-you could be mine
05-sweet child o'mine
06-ain't it fun
07-welcome to the jungle
08-paradise city
09-knocking on heaven's door

heaven mix, 20:35mins

DCMIX - (rock legends) Heaven mix! by Dcmix on Mixcloud

01-the boy inside the man-tom cochrane
02-you ain't seen nothing yet-b.t.o.
03-long train running love-doobie brothers
mash up (sex machine vs whole lotta love vs walk this way)
by Fissunix
05-black betty-ram jam
mash up 1 (back in black vs we will rock you & more)
by go home production
mash up 2 (back in black vs metallica, rush, def leppard, doors, zepplin...)
by Reases pieces

07-the stroke-billy squier
08-i love it loud-kiss
09-stairway to heaven-led zepplin

inxs mix 20:03min

01-the one thing
02-what you need
03-i need you tonight
04-new sensation
05-beautiful girl
06-never tear us apart
07-suicide blonde
08-bitter tears
09-devil inside

iron man mix, 20:50mins

01-iron man-black sabbath

02-highway star-deep purple
03-rock and roll-led zepplin
04-time is on my side-rolling stones
05-moby dick-led zepplin
06-who are you-the who
07-pinball wizard-elton john

08-what is and what should never be-led zepplin
09-poor some sugar on me-def leppard
10-sister christian-night ranger

i wanna rock mix, 21:39mins

01-billy idol-flesh for fantasy
twisted sister-we're not gonna take it
twisted sister-i wanna rock
03-autograph-turn up the radio
04-joan jett-i love rock and roll
05-beatles-sgt peppers
06-e.l.o-don't bring me down
07-aerosmith-walk this way
08-inxs-what you need
09-robert palmer-addicted to love

jimmy hendrix mix, 21:00mins

01-red house
02-are you experienced?
03-voodoo child
04-wild thing
05-hey joe
06-the wind cries mary
07-foxy lady

08-purple haze
09-all along the watchtower
10-crosstown trafic
12-stone free

journey (live) mix, 19:00mins

01-open arms
03-loving, touching, sqeezing
04-anyway you want it
05-stone in love
06-don't sop believin'
07-girl can't help it
08-who's crying now
09-separate ways

just a dream mix, 20:17mins

01-rem-loosing my religion
02-smashing pumpkins-disarm
03-church-under the milky way
04-inxs-devil inside

05-robert palmer-simply irressistible
06-led zepplin-living, loving maid

08-who-baba o'reily
09-journey-don't stop believing
10-golden earring-twilight zone
11-midnight oil-beds are burning

keep on rocking mix, 20:22mins

01-steve miller-rocking me
02-paul mccartney-band on the run
03-grand funk-we're an american band
04-sweet-fox on the run
05-bto-taking care of business
06-primal scream-rocks
07-neil young-rocking in a free world

08-who-won't get fooled again
09-pearl jam-alive
10-collective soul-shine

kiss mix, 19:19mins

01-detroit rock city (live)
02-shout it out loud (live)
03-rock and roll all night (live)
04-christeen 16
05-i was made for loving you
06-new york groove (ace frehley)
07-i love it loud
08-lick it up
09-heave's on fire

led zepplin mix, 22:23mins

01-stairway to heaven
02-whole lotta love
03-moby dick
04-rock and roll
06-living loving maid
07-immigrant song
08-ramble on
09-bring it on home
10-black dog

11-dyer maker

lobster's rock mix, 20:27mins

01-MONTAGE, PUNK 1980(edited)-dcmix
(including excerpts from):
-rock lobster, 52 girls-the b52's
-i gotcha-joe tex
-sex machine-james brown
-star wars-meco
-heartbreaker-pat benatar
-i`m the man-joe jackson
-you really rock me-nick gilder
02-what i like about you-romantics
03-day tripper-beatles

04-i can get no satisfaction-rolling stones
05-you really got me-van halen
07-some like it hot-power station
07-hot blooded-foreigner
08-allright now-free

made in Canada mix, 20:37mins

01-strange advance-we run
02-honeymoon suite-burning in love
03-honeymoon suite-feel it again
04-honeymoon suite-new girl now
05-loverboy-turn me loose
07-april wine-roller

08-rush-tom sawyer
09-rush-spirit of the radio
10-rush-new world man

mashing up the legends mix 19:30mins

01-imagine (instr) john lennon
02-jump (vocals) van halen
mashup by mighty mike
03-hignway to hell acdc
04-running with the devil van halen
mashup by wax audio
05-run to you (instr) bryan adams
06-enter sandman (vocals) metallica
mashup by wax audio
07-paradise city guns and roses
08-sympathy for the devil (vocals) rolling stones
mashup by show lurigan
09-boulevard of broken dreams green day
10-wonderwall oasis
11-dream on aerosmith
mashup by party ben and team 9
12-smells like teen spirit (instr) nirvana
13-love me two times (vocals) doors
mashup by scotty mack attack
14-kryptonite 3 doors down
15-down under men at work
mashup by dj armie
additional excerpts, editing, mixing, mastering by dcmix.

mccartney mix 1 20:35mins

01-let it be
02-hey jude
03-helter skelter
04-i've got a feeling
05-band on the run
06-the mess
07-junior's farm
08-back in ussr
10-live and let die

mccartney mix 2 19:03mins

02-get back
03-lady madonna
04-oh darling
05-let me roll it
06-why don't we do it in the road?
07-too many people
08-smile away
09-hi,hi, hi

metallica mix, 22:05mins

01-turn the page
02-the unforgiven
03-nothing else matters
04-suicide and redemption
05-st anger
07-devil's dance
08-sad but true
09-until it sleeps
10-king nothing
11-enter sandman

12-wherever i may roam
13-the memory remains

ozzy osbourne (black sabbath) mix 19:30 mins

01-black sabbath
02-iron man
03-war pigs
05-bark at the moon
06-crazy train
07-no more tears
08-mama, i'm coming home

peter gabriel mix, 19:58mins

01-games without frontiers
02-solisbury hill
03-shock the monkey
04-big time
05-sledge hammer
06-in your eyes
07-red rain
08-digging in the dirt
09-kiss that frog

phil collins mix 19:04mins

01-in the air tonight (remix 88)
02-do you know, do you care
03-i don't care anymore
04-i cannot believe it's true
05-it don't matter to me
06-easy lover
08-take me home
09-in the air tonight (original mix)

pink floyd mix, 21:55mins

02-have a cigar

04-one of these days
05-welcome to the machine
06-on the run
07-goodbye blue sky
08-hey you
09-another brick in the wall
10-run like hell
11-learning to fly

police mix, 21:16mins

hands up!-dcmix
(including excerpts from):
-don't stand so close to me-police
-do do do da da da-police
-message in a bottle-police
-regatta de blanc-police
-driven to tears-police
02-so lonely-police
04-every little thing she does is magic-police
06-every breath you take

pushing back the frontiers mix, 20:26mins

01-games without frontiers-peter gabriel
02-eminence front-the who
03-another brick in the wall-pink floyd

04-eye of the tiger-survivor
05-shoot to thrill-acdc
06-fire woman-the cult
07-love removal machine-the cult


queen mix, 20:07mins

01-we will rock you
02-under pressure
03-another one bites the dust
04-killer queen
05-bicycle race

06-bohemian rhapsody
07-we are the champions
08-you're my best friend
09-crazy little thing called love

red hot chili peppers mix, 21:52mins

01-around the world
02-by the way
05-my friends
06-under the bridge
07-scar tissue
08-dani california
09-suck my kiss
10-can't stop
11-give it away

rock bits of dust mix, 19:49mins

01-MONTAGE: dust mix(edit) - the kids,
(including excerpts from):
-another one bites the dust - queen
-trans europe express - kraftwerk
-you haven't done nothing - stevie wonder
-immigrant song - led zepplin
-listen to the music - doobie brothers
-logical song - supertramp
-play that funky music - wild cherry
-honky tonk woman - rolling stones
-cocaine - eric clapton
-smoke on the water - deep purple
-theme from peter gun - (unavailable)
02-clones-alice cooper
03-run like hell-pink floyd
04-sunday bloody sunday(live)-u2

05-burning down the house(live)-talking heads
06-2 minutes to 12-iron maden
07-perfect stranger-deep purple

rolling stones mix 1, 21:07mins

01-ruby tuesday
02-paint it black
03-the last time
05-honky tonk woman
06-gimme shelter
07-sympathy for the devil(live)
08-it's only rock and roll

09-brown sugar

rolling stones mix 2, 21:47mins

02-hot stuff
03-doo, doo, doo, heartbreaker
04-beast of burden
05-miss you
06-harlem shuffle
07-undercover of the night
08-start me up


strange elevator, 21:57mins

01-eyes of a stranger-payolas

03-rock me amadeus-falco
04-why can't this be love-van halen
05-love in an elevator-aerosmith
06-black dog-led zepplin
07-dogman-king's x
08-cumbersome-7 mary tree

09-how soon is now-smiths

scorpions mix, 21:19mins

01-still loving you
02-can't live without you
03-bad boys running wild
04-the zoo
05-big city nights
06-no one like you
07-rock you like a hurricane
08-rhythm of love
09-wind of change
10-under the same sun

styx mix, 19:45mins

01-madam blue part#1
04-crystal ball
06-come sail away

07-madam blue part#2
08-mr roboto
09-the best of times

supertramp mix, 20:40mins

01-hide in your shell
02-logical song
03-bloody well right
04-give a little bit
07-crime of the century

10-child of vision

to the shack mix, 21:07mins

01-dj moule mix
(love shack b52, thunder struck, acdc, bohemian like me, dandy warhols)
02-rock the casbah-the clash
03-let's dance-david bowie
04-dancing in the street-van halen
05-gimme all your loving-zztop
06-hot blooded-foreigner
07-christeen 16-kiss
08-just what i needed-the cars
09-pump it up-elvis costello

to the paradise city mix, 21:30mins

01-gun's and roses-paradise city
02-motley crue-dr feelgood
03-led zepplin-immigrant song
04-aerosmith-sweet emotion
05-chris deburg-high on emotion
06-bryan adams-somebody

07-peter gabriel-sledge hammer
08-talk talk-life's what you make it
09-verve-bitter sweet symphony
10-steppenwolf-magic carpet ride
11-beatles-magical mystery tour

tom petty mix, 19:52mins

02-you got lucky
03-i won't back down
04-free falling
05-don't come around here no more
06-running down a dream
07-you wreck me
08-learning to fly
09-mary jane

u2 mix 1, 21:00mins

02-unforgettable fire
03-new year's day
04-i will follow
06-sunday bloody sunday
08-i still haven't found...

u2 mix 2, 19:00mins

01-with or without you
02-in god's country
03-where the streets have no name
04-even better than the real thing
06-mysterious ways
07-electrical storm
09-beautiful day

van halen mix, 19:50mins

02-running with the devil
03-ain't talking 'bout love
04-you really got me
05-pretty woman
06-dance the night away
08-hot for teacher
10-why can't this be love
11-can't stop loving you

who mix, 21:15mins

01-can't explain
02-i can see for miles
03-pinball wizard
04-my generation (live at Leeds)
05-see me, feel me, touch me (live at Leeds)
06-so long good bye (live at Leeds)
07-baba oriley
08-won't get fooled again
09-you better you bet
10-emminence front
11-join together

zz top mix, 20:05mins

01-la grange
03-jesus just left chicago
04-just got paid
06-tube snake boogie
07-cheap sunglasses
08-i thank you
09-gimme all your lovin'
10-sharp dressed man