As a D.J. back in the 70's, we used to mix records with turntables and mixers. We were also recording these mixes on tape machines (reel to reel) and doing all sorts of things with the tape itself. The result of splicing (cutting) bits and pieces (yes!, with a razor blade) of the tape and repositionning (stick up) them back in different ways would create very interesting artistic results. Doing so, I was able to achieve these special music mixes named "montages".

Here are some excerpts in short lo-fi mp3 audio :

Produced between 1978 and 1981 by DCMIX.
The funky dance
(featuring the sunshine band, jimmy bo' horne...)
Funkin' now
(featuring the brothers johnson, isley brothers, war...)
Party time is anytime
(featuring bohannon...)
Bee gees montage
(featuring the Bee gees...)
Dig mix
(featuring Cult Hero, hollies, beatles...)
Punk 1980
(featuring the B-52's...)
Let's have some music now *
(featuring grand funk, deep purple, kiss...)
Future mix
(featuring j.sheriff, billy bragg, genx...)
Hands up! (the Police mix)
(featuring the Police...)

Mixing D.J's
Manuel Ferreira *
D. Coulombe (DCMIX).

By the mid 80's, the sampler was created and
brought with it many more possibilities to fine tune
the art of creating and producing "montages".

Here are more excerpts in short lo-fi mp3 audio :

Produced between 1987 and 1998 by DCMIX.
Project named: Recycled music
Wild thing
(featuring samples from led zepplin, heart, donna summer, james brown ... and keyboardist Frenchie
Out of control
(featuring samples from jagger, bowie, billy idol ... and guitarist Nicolas Maranda)
Number one
(featuring samples from inxs, deep purple, art of noise ... and guitarist Nicolas Maranda)
Exciting rock
(featuring samples from hendrix, chicago, stones...)
Recycle music
(featuring samples from wild cherry, survivor, huey lewis... and the voice of Jack Gaines {soul attorneys})
Get it up
(featuring samples from e.l.o."evil woman"... and the voice of Jack Gaines {soul attorneys})

Today, D.J.s are very popular in raves and clubs as they perpetuate the art of mixing music.